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From on-water tests and video reviews to our exclusive boat building advantages, maintenance tips and more, RBTV is your official source for Ranger product videos. Simply select a category from the menu below and click on the thumbnail of the resource you'd like to view.

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Boat Building
Intro – Five Star Advantage Intro – Five Star Advantage
Gel-Coat Gel-Coat
Hull Lamination Hull Lamination
Deck Lamination Deck Lamination
Hull / Deck Assembly Hull / Deck Assembly
Finishing / Rigging Finishing / Rigging
Upholstery Upholstery
Closed Cavity Bag Molding Closed Cavity Bag Molding
Ranger Trail® Trailers Ranger Trail® Trailers
Closing Closing
Ranger Strong
Legendary Peace Of Mind Legendary Peace Of Mind
Advanced Superstructure Advanced Superstructure
Legacy Of Leadership Legacy Of Leadership
The Ultimate Ownership Experience The Ultimate Ownership Experience
Inside the Ride
Inside the Ride Inside the Ride
Quality Quality
Underwater Cut-Away Underwater Cut-Away
Aluminum Cut-Away Aluminum Cut-Away
Fiberglass -v– Old School Aluminum
Weight Weight
Durability Durability
Best Value Best Value

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