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It’s a powerful tribute to the patriotic honor, duty, and sacrifice of America’s Armed Forces, their families, and thousands upon thousands of others all over the globe. We’re proud to share our latest news with you and look forward to hearing from all of our friends in U.S. military service.

You stand in the gap, protecting and preserving the very foundations of freedom. We appreciate your dedication and encourage you to drop us a line and share some of your most memorable fishing stories.

May God continue to bless you, your family, and our great nation.

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50th Birthday
After retiring several years back from the U.S. ARMY I had decided that I was going to save and look for My Dream Boat. The choice has been made to purchase the Ranger 2015 RT188. My decision was based on Ranger's commitment and support to our TROOPS and knowing Ranger is American Made and Made in America. Keep up the good work Ranger and Thanks from A Proud American Soldier (RET)

Thanks to God , Our Country and Ranger Bass Boats
Proud to be a member of the Air National Guard for over 31 years and still serving. I have been overseas several times and when I am there, 3 thoughts always come to my mind. First - God, Second - Family and Third - fishing. In May 2012 I bought my first Ranger, a 96 374XT. Love it...

Great Military Support
I commend Ranger Boats for all their support to all the service members in the Armed Forces. I am a 24 year Army Veteran and I fish the Cabela's NWT Walleye Tournaments as a Co-Angler. I am really fond of the Ranger 1880 Angler and hope to have one by the end of summer. Me and my wife will retire from the Military 2 months apart and we want to enjoy traveling with our Ranger boat fishing different Walleye lakes across the USA also I want to tournament fish for walleye for a retirement job!!!! Again Ranger boats thanks for your support

1998 R73
I Love my R73. I have owned it since 2001 when I hit the 15 year mark in the USAF. I call it my early retirement present. I have pulled my teenage boys with it as well as taking them and others fishing. The boat still runs strong and me and the wife have really enjoyed it from day one.

I'm A Proud Ranger Owner
First of all, thank you so much for the support you and your company provides for us. It feels great having the entire country behind us. I have being serving for the past 21 years and today I'd acquired by first Ranger boat. Got to tell you, it is a sweet boat. My 488VS w/200hp Evinrude is by far the best boat I have owned thus far. This baby goes like no other boat. I hope to retire within the next 12 months so I can fully enjoy my Ranger. Once again thank you for all the support provided for the best troops in the world.

Troop Support
You guys are awesome! I have served in the United States Air Force for 23 years. I have been a Ranger owner for 8 years and am now on my third Ranger. You guys are TOPS for supporting the troops with your incentive. I just received my package and was very impressed with the hoodie, shirt and hat. Plus the rebate on Mercury doesn't hurt either. I am not seeing other boat dealers do this. You Support is greatly appreciated by the many who serve our country and are Ranger owners!

Thank You

New Ranger
I'm currently an active duty Drill Sergeant and am in the process of trading my current boat for a Ranger. I'm excited to hit the lake in my new Z119C. Thanks Ranger Boats for such awesome boats!!!

My 2014 Z521C
I just got my first-ever Ranger bass boat... After being deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq it's nice to be home and fish. It helps me to keep my mind at ease.

My 1985 Ranger 340V
I’m a retired SFC U.S. Army. Served in Iraq 2 tours and retired in 2010 after 22 years of service as a scout. I bout a 1985 Ranger 340V which I have restored completely buying parts from Texas Boat World. It’s 16’ 6” long, but it’s still in great shape for almost 30 years old… Will start to do tournaments in about a month when all equipment is completely. Great small boat, but very powerful. Can’t wait to have a new one… Go Ranger Boats #1

Recognizing Those Who Are And Have Served
Thank you Ranger for supporting those who have given so much for this great country. Yea it's a T shirt, Hoodie, and Hat, but to those who have wore the uniform it's the thought that counts. When I retired from the Navy in 04 after 22 years I told my wife one day I would own a Ranger. For the last 6 years she has been telling me to go get my new boat. Well February of this year I got my dream boat, a 521C. The wife and I have been on the water every weekend since and are in love. She supported me while I was in the Navy and is now supporting me in my dream to hopefully one day make it on the BASS circuit. Thank you again Ranger for making an awesome boat and supporting the troops.

Happy Owner
A big reason my wife and I bought a Ranger boat was because of the quality and the Operation Troop Salute Program. A company with that kind of backing to service members means very much! As an all around family boat our 1760 Angler has made many memories. My wife has put up with a lot, with 14 years of service as a Combat Engineer in the Army and two Combat tours, she has done her part. The boat relaxes us on a nice Wisconsin summer day. Thank You!

Semper Fidelis
Sgt, USMC, 5 1/2 years in the Corps so far. Deployed to Afghanistan from July 2011-February 2012
Proud owner of a 1997 488vs Commanche.

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