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New ranger boat


--Oliver (Glenn) B.

Ranger 361

I purchased a 1989 361 V in the early nineties & still have it with no plans of parting with it. The folks at Ranger re-carpeted it as well as upgrading all the seats & did a great job on them. My local Ranger dealer, Aqua Tech Marine in Quincy, IL also did a great job of removing a few nicks and have the hull looking great. I still get comments while on the water asking how old it is & compliments on the great shape it is in. Special thanks to Sandy & Lonnie at Aqua Tech in Quincy, very great to work with them.

--Gerry S.

2017 621FS

Thanks Ranger Boats for an unbelievable boat in the FS series. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better....And it does. I have fished out of many boats and I'm proud to say nothing else is a Ranger. The fit, finish and overall quality of a Ranger is second to none. This is my 3rd 621. I would also like to thank Pamps Outboard in Green Bay for being a top notch dealer.

--Ray V.

My 1st Boat

I've always been an avid bass fisherman even when I was about 4 yrs old my stepfather teaching me out in the yard how to throw a team Diawa bait caster. ...after having children of my own and having done several tours in Afghanistan and Iraq as an infantryman, safety has grown to be my number one priority. So after retiring, my wife purchased for me about 2 weeks ago, my first boat and it is a 2012 Z520 with 250 Etec. And let me start by saying thank you Ranger for building such a beautiful safe driving rig. I'll never own anything but a RANGER... absolutely love it... plans to start tournaments this coming spring.

--Brian K.

My 175T

I bought my 1st Ranger boat 175T. I wish I have had bought a Ranger years ago. It's the best boat I ever owned. The ride is smooth and dry. I think I'm the only one in south Louisiana with a 175T, everybody asks about the boat, never seen one like it, where I got it from. ...Best built boat I've seen.

--Dean L.

My New Boat

I've owned 2 boats in my lifetime, but had always wanted a Ranger boat. This past July of 2016, I found myself with the necessary funds to be able to afford my dream of owning a Ranger. Kalin at R&R Marine in Shakopee, MN showed me patience and commitment that enabled me to make the right choice in buying my Ranger. I was given a boat load of information on options and after spending an hour with Kalin, I was able to make sure I got all the equipment and options I wanted. He is a top notch salesman and he has also helped me add a few more options to my Ranger since I purchased it, (LED Rodbox and livewell lights). I love my new boat and I'm excited to use it more and more. Thanks Kalin!!

--Ryan T.

Tour Friday 9/30

I want to thank the two gentleman working the front desk and who did our tour Friday. I enjoyed the conversation and information they provided on Ranger Boats. The tour was well worth the time and very informative. Even though I have a 1988 363V there was a lot of the 1988 shared with the 2017 boats being built today, so they should last the test of time as well as my 1988 has and continues to. Thanks again!

--Brad H.


I had owned a 2001 Ranger R73 since 2006 and it was a fantastic boat. My wife and I wanted some more storage for longer rods and felt it was time to upgrade our boat a year ago. On 9/11/16 was the 1 year anniversary of owning a Ranger Z520C. The boat has performed well and zero problems. We are now in our dream boat!

--Mike T.

About new used 2006 Ranger

Just picked up a 2006 Ranger Z20 today. Was in great shape. I had a 1995 Ranger 487vs. Had to get another. Good ride during bad weather. Can't wait to put some fish in the live well!

--Rex R.

2nd Ranger Bass Boat

This is my 2nd Ranger Bass boat and can't imagine ever owning another Brand. The boats are built well and positively hold their value. Just picked up a 2012 Z522 with a 250 Yamaha SHO... What a boat!

Thanks Ranger for your quality!

--Barry R.

Just visited the Ranger boat plant in Flippin

I just visited the Ranger Boat Plant. If you are looking to own a Ranger and you are a first-time Ranger owner - Go, make the trip, and learn. But, make sure you see Connie and Ed, and all the rest of the crew at Ranger, I spoke to a person on almost every team that is in the build process, including conversations with engineers. The manufacturing is phenomenal, and uniquely superior, but the real difference is the people making the finest fishing boats in the industry. Thank you Connie and Ed. You represent all your co-workers and Ranger with style, grace, and knowledge that is on guard every day. I will be buying my first very soon.

--Mike D.

Our new boat

We recently purchased a Ranger boat. Our son has autism and epilepsy, and one of the things that he truly loves and brings him peace of mind is being on the water. As a result of his autism, he finds a lot of comfort in wearing his favorite items over and over, and one of those items is his Ranger hat, especially while fishing. Thank you for bringing such joy to our family!

--Jennifer H.
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