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Love my ranger

I've had multiple Ranger boats, I'm currently running a 2013 Z21 and it is everything I expect
from the best built bass boat on the market!

There's bass boats then there is Ranger bass boats!

Paul Clark

--Paul C.

Can't beat a Ranger

I own a 1988 Ranger354V that I purchased in 1989. I used to fish tournaments almost every weekend. I've since given up the tournament schedule but still enjoy my weekends on the water with my wife. My Ranger has given me many years of fishing and boating enjoyment and it's still going strong.

--Danny M.

love my ranger

Been running a 1994 392V for six years up her in Canada. Rain and snow - still looks and runs great, nothing like a Ranger.

--Mike T.

Our Ranger

Love this boat. I've owned...(other brands)...and they are not even on the same planet as this rig.

--Mark C.

2013 Ranger Z520C CARBON

This is the ultimate bass boat, in looks, ride, performance and overall fish ability. Have received many compliments. Proud to be an owner.


1998 Ranger R91

Like all the other posts I love my 1998 Ranger R91. Inter Coastal. Living on the West Coast of FL. it only sees salt water and is used year around. Lots of friends with boats and none are as solid as my Ranger. If you want a boat that will out last and out perform the competition, new or used, buy a Ranger.

--Larry C.

Love My 361V

I have a 1992 Ranger 361V that I truly love!

All original and still looks like new!

Have to love Ranger quality...25 years old and still turning heads when I go by at 63 mph.

--Wendy K.


I recently purchased a 2007 Z21 with very low hours. She is joining our family of three other rangers, an 03 520dvx, an 08 2300 bay, and a 14 phantom. This model again exceeds my expectations. My family are all anglers living in florida, missouri and Arizona and we can't agree on a favorite model but we can agree on the brand!

--Jill K.

1993 Ranger 690

I recently purchased a 25th Anniversary Ranger 690 SC. The gel coat and fleck is 2nd to none. Everywhere I go I get compliments on the rig and no one can believe this boat is 24 years old. I put an upgraded 4-stroke motor on the boat and the current value is not too far off from when it was purchased new!!

--Nick R.

Love My Z521C

I ordered my new 521 and is absolutely the best boat I have had. I've had several other bass boats and this sets the mark very high.

--Mike M.

re:1st year review Reata 1850LS

Wow is all I can say about the Reata 1850LS. The 150 Yamaha 4 stroke really gets this boat up and going. Fishability is a dream trolling for walleyes and salmon in the Saginaw Bay and out on Lake Huron in Michigan with the Yamaha 9.9 high thrust kicker and 24v trolling motor. Love all the room and deep interior. It's easy to get it snuggled into my garage for storage with the single axle. I can see an upgrade to the 621FS in a few years for a little bigger water capability. Would be great to be able to post pictures of your boat for everyone to see how we have them rigged. Thanks Ranger for a great product.

--Kevin M.

Vintage Ranger

I live in ...East Texas. I have a 1996 Ranger Comanche 491V. Anytime I think I want to buy a newer model boat, I just ride in one of my friend's boats and it reminds me how solid my vintage Ranger bass boat is. I will never part with this boat. It's the standard that all others try to emulate.

--Jon H.
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