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My Ranger Boat

I just want you to know that in 1989 I bought a new 1988 Ranger 680c Fishermen boat. I still have my boat and use it from ice out till almost when the snow flies. I live in Barrie Ontario Canada. I will never sell my boat... I love this boat now as much as I did when I bought it all those years ago. I would like to say thanks boat ever! My wife calls her the other woman but I tell her that she is the other woman.

--Stephen G.

My Ranger 620 FS

After years of watching them go by I fianally got my my first Ranger 620FS. Now my clients can fish in style and comfort of a Ranger boat. There will be a lot more time to fish in our walleye tournaments as I powered my Ranger with the new Evinrude E-Tec 250HO. Can't wait for May. Glad to be aboard.

--Cory L.


My wife and I love our 2012 Ranger boat. Great platforms to fish from and a beautiful boat that rides smooth.

--Raymond H.

Ranger Still Looks Great

I love my ol' 1997 Ranger R70 Sport. Rides like a caddy. Fishes even better and still looks good to me.

--Robert A.

2011 Z520c

Bought my first Ranger in October. Ran a another brand for years. Love the Ranger. Great ride, storage and the fishibilty is off the charts. Can't go wrong with the Ranger brand.

--Mark B.

Ranger RT188

I have owned many different style boats over the many years. For the past 12 years, I was fishing out of a 21 ft bay boat when I changed to a Ranger RT188.
I was not 100% sure if I would like the change to a smaller boat but the Ranger RT188 is a perfect fit. The handling and the ride and its stability with people moving around when fishing is very impressive. The boat is stable all around and it was the best decision that I could have made after shopping many different brands. I fished Teledo Bend with 10 mph windy conditions and it was not an issue.
I highly recommend it along with the Yamaha SHO115 package.

--Donald L.

my new Ranger 619FS

I love my new Ranger 619FS. Can't wait for ice out to get her in the water... It is just beautiful!!

--Jim C.

Ranger Z521c

I love my new Ranger Z521c. I always owned Ranger boats but my last boat was not a Ranger. I had it for about a year but everything was not the same as I always had with my previous Ranger boats. All my friends have these other brands and I always stood above them in my Ranger. It was like losing a family member. So this year I went to the Ranger dealer and got the boat of my dreams. It's awesome! Everywhere I go I get asked questions about it. Thanks to Ranger Boats and the Ranger team for making my dream rig! I feel like part of the Ranger family once again. Thanks, Anthony

--Anthony D.

Ranger to the CORE!!

I have owned 3 Rangers! 2005 519vx, 2012 z521c, and now a 2017 z521c! All these boats have been second to none on quality and dependable performance in all kinds of fishing conditions! Thank you to all the Ranger family for memories gained on the water and the best bass boats on earth!!

--Barry C.

New to me

After looking for several months. I found a 2000 520 VX
in my price range and in the condition I was wanting.

I found this 2000 and it was in super great shape, ...seats were original and in good shape, for being 16 yrs old gel coat was just as good as a new one, and a 1 owner boat with a new power head. Thanks to Jet-a-Marina Calvert City KY for a great buy and warranty.

--John H.

2017 Z520C Ranger Cup Limited Edition

With retirement on the forefront, I made the decision to purchase my new Z520C Ranger Cup Limited Edition from Dixie Marine in Cincinnati. The decision was easy, as I had bought a new Z520C Orange Fusion in 2015 from Dixie. I have owned 7 other bass boats in the past, none of which were Rangers. The Z520C has been the best-riding, dry, well built boat of all of them. There was never a second thought of leaving the Ranger family! I am more than excited about getting the new Ranger Cup broke in & down to our annual trip to Lake Guntersville in April 17. Thank you Ranger for a great product & to Dixie Marine (Rudy & the Gang) for making this decision easy & the buying process flawless!

--Richard V.

New ranger boat


--Oliver (Glenn) B.
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