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I bought this boat 6 months ago at a good price, it was sitting in a back yard not being used. I cleaned it up and put new seats in and my Ranger boat looks like a new one. The johnson 120 is a powerfull engine and will go 50+. I sold my other boat and don't miss it.

--Mark P.

My new ranger 619 fs

After several days on the water in my 2017 Ranger 619 FS I am here to tell you it is the best boat I have ever had the pleasure of running and owning. Loading and unloading the boat on the Ranger Trail trailer couldn't be any easier. The comfortable dry ride is awesome. The performance of the 225 Mercury Verado plus the design of the hull makes for an unbeatable combination. Thank you for building such a remarkable craft. Yours truly, Jim Carlson

--Jim C.

I Love My Ranger

Love My Ranger RT178!!! All those who see it just fall in love with its looks.

The Red Metallic really makes it stand out above the rest!!

Glad I made the right choice!!

--Mike S.

2017 RT WOW

I'll never go back to (other brand). Space, handling, speed, and safety...This boat has it all!!!
After driving my 178RT w/75 hp Evinrude, there is no comparison to my (other brand). This was my 65th birthday present.(I should have gotten one for my 50th) Now I know why Ranger is #1, my only regret is living in New England I only get to use my boat 6 months a year.

--Ken M.

2000 Ranger Cherokee 117

Love my Ranger! Bought this boat brand new in 2000. After 17 years, replaced the trolling motor (running slow). Never been in the shop. Always ready to go fishing and has never let me down.

--Samuel J.

I love my Ranger

1988 396V 150HP Merc.
Black Max. All original definitely when they were built one at a time. Love it..

--Thomas P.

Iconic Classic '87 375V

My immaculate Classic '87 375V Ranger remains flawless in appearance and (especially) performance. Finding it hard to part with due to a health problem...but will have to. The Cobra V6 is awesome. Sure would like to find someone with the knowledge to appreciate this fine craft to take over the ownership.

--Michael M.

Ranger 2510

I purchased my Ranger 2510 roughly a week ago and needed factory support. Ranger was right there for me and quickly addressed my needs. I have purchased quite a number of boats and have never experienced the top-notch support I have received from Ranger.

The boat design is extremely well thought out and the manufacturing is of the highest quality I have ever seen. The folks at the factory in Flippin take great care in producing the boat and definitely stand behind it.

I spent a lot of time looking at different boat manufacturers, and definitely picked the right one. I couldn't be more pleased and highly recommend Ranger!


1970 Ranger boat

I have an original 1970 Ranger fiberglass jon boat. Its just under 16' long, with a live well and 3 seats. Still a good boat after all these years. And hardly drafts anything. It's caught smallmouth in Arkansas and salmon/steelhead in Michigan. Forrest knew how to build em!

--William R.

Love my ranger

I've had multiple Ranger boats, I'm currently running a 2013 Z21 and it is everything I expect
from the best built bass boat on the market!

There's bass boats then there is Ranger bass boats!

Paul Clark

--Paul C.

Can't beat a Ranger

I own a 1988 Ranger354V that I purchased in 1989. I used to fish tournaments almost every weekend. I've since given up the tournament schedule but still enjoy my weekends on the water with my wife. My Ranger has given me many years of fishing and boating enjoyment and it's still going strong.

--Danny M.

love my ranger

Been running a 1994 392V for six years up her in Canada. Rain and snow - still looks and runs great, nothing like a Ranger.

--Mike T.