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Editors praise Ranger's speed, stability and design innovation

FLIPPIN, AR (March 2, 2010) In the March 2010 issue of Boating magazine, the publication's editorial staff unveils their much-anticipated list of the Top-10 best boats of the year, judging hundreds of models with stringent selection criteria and a grueling elimination process. After putting so many designs through the paces, editors arrived at their final list of 10 with Ranger's all-new Z521 Comanche highlighting the pack.

Boating extolled the speed and stability of the Z521 - a feature-laden vessel that's designed to exceed the needs of both competitive anglers and performance enthusiasts. The editors praised the boat's running surface and Ranger's trademark smooth, dry ride saying, "…it was like floating on air…there was no chine walking. The hull and power combination was ideal."

"At wide-open throttle, we crossed wakes at 45 degrees without fear - the Comanche remained on course and on its lines," wrote Boating's editorial staff in their glowing review of the 2010 model. "But also kind was the way the Comanche pampered anglers, keeping their focus on the tournament winnings, not on the details of running a boat or managing gear."

"From the moment we introduced the Z500 series, this is the boat that so many anglers have been asking about," said Ranger Boats President Randy Hopper. "We're excited to share the results of so much angler input. On top of so many new interior features, it's an exceptionally responsive design with a great ride and ultra solid feel on and off plane."

The interior is highlighted by a completely redesigned console that's not only taller for more protection, but offers built-in mounting options for today's popular, large-screened electronics directly above the steering wheel - eliminating the need for gimbal and swivel mounts in most cases. The redesigned consoles also integrate a stylish-yet-functional concave beveling on the outside, allowing the tips of rods stored on the front deck to stay more secure while in use.

The Z521 Comanche measures an efficient-yet-spacious 21 feet, 3 inches in length with a 95-inch beam for the sturdiest fishing platform of any high-performance model in production. Rated for 250 horsepower, the Z521 is available with a wide range of precision-matched outboards to meet the preferences of anglers across the country, while a 52 gallon fuel capacity ensures plenty of range for long runs in search of fish. More details - including videos, reviews and other industry accolades - touting the total performance design of the all-new Z521 can be found by logging on to or

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